Hootsuite Social Media Audit Templates:


Digital Book on Web Audit:

National Recruitment Lists (often requires you university to be a member so connect with your Graduate School):

• McNair Scholars:

• The National Name Exchange:

(New: consortium of fifty-five nationally-known universities which annually collect and exchange the names of their talented but underrepresented ethnic minority students who are in their sophomore, junior or senior year of their undergraduate education. The purpose of the Exchange is to ensure that participating universities continue to identify a pool of qualified students who could be recruited to the graduate programs at these institutions.)

Mail Merge:

Doing recruitment mailing to targeted graduating seniors on your campus is a great way to publicize your program and upcoming virtual and in-person info sessions and other events.

One option is YAMM: ​​

Note: This requires you to use a gmail account and Google Sheets. You add a free Add-on and then can send 50 messages a day for free or pay $24 a year to send up to 400 a day. It’s a buggy process so anyone who would like to talk through it should reach out to Jen Almjeld at

Host a Virtual Info Session on Zoom:

All you need is a Google Form to let folks sign up (and even this is optional) and a Zoom or other digital meeting room. Here’s an example webpage from JMU: