Survey of Programs

Update (2/20/2013) The “Report on the 2012 Survey of Programs” is available for download (2012surveyreport.pdf). This 36-page report presents an overview of the 2012 Survey of Programs along with a concise account of both qualitative and quantitative responses to the survey. Please direct questions about the report or the survey to Consortium Co-chairs, John S. Dunn, Jr. ( and Derek Mueller (

Update (7/29/2012): We have extended the survey through Wednesday, August 15, 2012, in an effort to ensure even more widespread participation than we have seen since the survey opened in early March.

On Monday, March 5, 2012, the message below was sent by email to the 196 program directors, coordinators, and administrators listed in the Consortium directory. If you know someone who should receive a copy of the survey to complete, please direct them to this page or contact Derek Mueller at to have a formal survey invitation sent. For a PDF of the full survey, click here. For a PDF copy of IRB approval for this survey, click here.

Dear Colleague,

The Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists has identified you as a program director, coordinator, or administrator, and in that capacity you are invited to complete our 2012 survey on behalf of the program and institution with which you are affiliated. This survey will provide the Consortium with individual and aggregate program profiles, which will be used to understand geographic, demographic, and curricular patterns, identify concerns shared among programs granting master’s degrees in writing studies, rhetoric and composition, and professional and technical communication, and shape the Consortium’s policies and initiatives over the next five years. Although there is no direct or immediate benefit to you for your participation, your input is valued and we seek for this survey to provide as comprehensive a collection of responses as possible. The survey will remain open through Monday, April 30, 2012 Wednesday, August 15, 2012, at which time we will determine whether an extension period is appropriate based on the response rate.

The survey is voluntary. It consists of 28 questions and will take you approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. To assist you in preparing to enter data into the survey form, a PDF version of the full survey is available for you to review before you begin. Survey responses will be identified with your institution’s name and program profile. Individual responses and the aggregate data-set will be available publicly on the Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists web site ( unless you specify at the end of the survey that you want your responses to be withheld from the public version. There is no risk involved with your participation. There is no penalty for not participating, and you may discontinue the study at any time without penalty or impact on your listing with the Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists. The comprehensive survey data will be kept on a secure server.

By clicking on the link below you are indicating your consent to participate in this project. Should you have any questions about the project or our interest in using the results, please contact Derek N. Mueller, Assistant Professor of Written Communication, Department of English Language and Literature, 612M Pray-Harrold Hall, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, at or 734-985-0485.

Click here to begin the survey.

Please note that if you cannot complete the survey in one sitting, you can pick up where you left off previously or work on the survey in multiple sessions by clicking on the link above, provided you are accessing the survey from the same web browser. As such, please refrain from deleting this email until you have completed the survey.


Dr. Derek N. Mueller
Co-chair of the Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists
Assistant Professor of Written Communication, Eastern Michigan University

Dr. John S. Dunn, Jr.
Co-chair of the Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists
Assistant Professor of Written Communication, Eastern Michigan University