Roster-building Initiative

The Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists needs your help. This summer we are in the process of assembling a comprehensive index of MA and MS programs associated with rhetoric, composition, writing studies, and technical and professional writing.  In late June and early July, a small team of volunteers began the first phase of this roster-building initiative by searching 632 web sites for evidence of MA or MS degrees associated with these fields. We found 180 programs with identifiable reference to the fields listed above, by way of emphases, concentrations, options, tracks, certificates, specializations, or spokes.

We realize, however, that our initial look-ups may be incomplete, which is why we are asking for your assistance. Through the end of this month, we invite you to check the roster-in-progress, add to it, and correct contact information for the programs already listed.  If a program is missing, please add it. If the wrong person or email address is listed, please change it. Or, if you prefer, email suggestions for changes to In the fall of 2011, building from this comprehensive roster of programs, the consortium will be conducting a survey of these institutions that will inform a number of projects related to visibility, mapping, comparative studies, and outreach. We hope you are willing to contribute in some small way to this second phase (amending the roster) by August 31, 2011. You can help by spending just a few minutes following further instructions posted in Google Docs.